We specialise in making cutting edge technical and sidemount dive equipment, using high quality performance materials.

We strongly believe that you should get what you pay for, therefore quality, innovative design and performance come first.

We are a small team of technical divers, instructors and technologists who are passionate about diving and using innovative technology and design to improve and enhance the diving experience.
Here at Nammu-Tech we are always to trying to improve. This philosophy is applied to the products we design and build, to new and original ideas we try to turn into reality and to our interactions with our customers and the diving industry as a whole.

‘How do we make this better’ has been our mantra from the start, and seems to be paying off. We take pride in making designs practical, ergonomic and cost effective for both ourselves and our customers.
Recently we have been receiving more and more requests for help to design custom equipment for various applications in the scuba diving industry, and increasingly from other sectors.

We have found that our additive manufacturing methods are very much compatible with the needs of smaller companies, as we are able to quickly produce and (or) design the same products on smaller scales, for a more competitive price.

This requires significantly lower capital outlay than a more classic injection moulding and production scenario.